Railgen MK5-55T3 Generator

The Railgen MK5-55T3 is designed to provide reliable diesel generator power to passenger railcars. This unit is designed to mount under the railcar in a low-profile, silencing enclosure, and it is designed to work day and night providing continuous, prime or auxiliary power. Railgen generators are available in ready-to-install packages that are specifically designed for reliability as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

  • Single-source, ready-to-install package.
  • Easily-accessible service points – all routine service points are within reach of the service doors.
  • Full silencing enclosure with vibration isolation and crash stop.
  • 1800 RPM Deutz Diesel engines for quiet, long-lasting performance.
  • Heavy duty industrial quality – expect normal service life of 15,000 hours before engine overhaul.
  • Cooling air filtering for extended service life.
  • Comprehensive factory support backs each Stadco Railgen.


Unit Output Rating:

  • 3-Phase, 240/480VAC, 60 Hz
  • 55.0 kW Intermittent @ 0.8 PF. Recommended maximum duty cycle of 25%, limited to 15min./hr.
  • 52.0 kW Lt. Continuous @ 0.8 PF. Recommended maximum duty cycle of 50%, limited to 30min./hr.
  • 52.0 kW Continuous @ 0.8 PF. 100% Duty cycle

Size & Weight:

  • 83.0″ L x 38.28″ W x 31.69″H
  • 2500 lbs.

Engine Sound Level:

  • 91dB(A) @ 1 Meter (3.28 Ft.)
  • 77dB(A) @ 7 Meters (27.97 Ft.)


  • Deutz, 1800 RPM, 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine, Turbo & CAC Liquid Cooled, 2.91 L (178 CID)
  • Electronic Engine Governing
  • Electronic Regulated, 4-Pole, Brushless A.C. Alternator, 1800 RPM, 60 Hz.
  • Class “H” Insulation

Remote Control Panel

  • Auto-Logic Control System


  • 5-Fault Indicator Lamps
  • Engine Logic Controller w/Auto-Crank
  • Toggle Switch Start/Stop Operation
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Starter Lockout
  • AC Voltmeter

Six-Point Engine Protection System:

  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Engine Overheat
  • Low Coolant Level
  • Starter Lockout
  • Overcrank
  • Overspeed

Local Control System

  • Unit-Mounted Control Panel


  • Dry Type Air Cleaner Service
  • Hold to Start
  • Master Control Switch for Starting Engine Manually
  • Preheat Switch for Cold Weather Starting
  • Press and Hold Start Switch to Start Engine
  • 12VDC Circuit Breaker to Protect Against Shorted or Overloaded Circuits


  • Type “B” Control System Options
  • Single-Phase Ammeter Panel
  • Kit #1223: 3-Phase Ammeter Panel – (Wall Mounted)
  • Power Distribution Box on End Panel
  • Kit #1498: Secondary Anti-vibration Mounts Kit
  • Kit #1508: Roll-Out Service Track Kit
  • P/N: 57034 750W, 120V, 1 Ph. Block Type Heater w/Plug In Cord
  • Muffler Insulation Wrap
  • Kit #1509: Dual Racor Primary Fuel Filter
  • Water Separator
  • V-13 Amerex Fire Suppression System
  • On-Site Check out and Start-up


The Operators Manual is provided with your genset. You may also request a copy by contacting us.