Three Reasons to Choose a Stadco Generator

There are many reasons why Stadco is the best choice in diesel generators. Our products are extremely reliable, they’re robust enough to handle extreme duty in all sorts of tough environments and they’re engineered specifically to solve unique challenges such as vehicle compartment usage. Even beyond our products, however, you can rely on a Stadco generator because we design it, we built it and we support it.

1. We Design It

STADCO GENERATORS - CAD Design, 3D ModelingEach of our generators is a result of years of experience working with diesel engines and the latest generator technology. We design Stadco generators from the ground up to fill specific needs, such as compartment mounting, mobile gensets for extreme duty and even railcar power. Our in-house engineering group constantly receives feedback from our customers and researches field reports in order to refine and optimize our generator technology. This allows us to remain on the cutting edge of genset technology while continuing to deliver the robust, reliable diesel generators for which we’re known.

2. We Build It

STADCO GENERATORS DIesel Generator AssemblyUnlike some of our competitors, we build all of our diesel generators ourselves. In our Pennsylvania headquarters, our highly-trained technicians work around the clock assembling, testing and preparing our products for shipment. Nothing leaves our warehouse unless it has first been passed a rigorous testing phase where all operations have been verified and measured. Because our designers, engineers and assembly technicians all work in the same building, they’re able to collaborate and make sure that every product we build is the best that it can be.

3. We Support It

STADCO DIESEL - Diesel GeneratorsThis is where the team at Stadco really shines. We stand behind each and every generator that we sell with unmatched customer service and support. Because we design and build all of our generators in-house, we are fully stocked with parts and accessories in the event that one of our products is in need of repair. Best of all, if you have a question or a problem with one of our units, you will most likely be able to speak with one of the technicians who actually builds our generators. This close connection with our customers combined with the highest degree of support and service means that you can count on Stadco to stand behind our generators for many years to come.