Custom Diesel Generators for Any Application

At Stadco, we have years of experience designing, building, servicing and selling all types and sizes of diesel powered generators. Our generators are currently in use around the world in a variety of unique applications. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge that our team possesses, we are uniquely able to design custom generators for just about any need.

Our in-house design and engineering department can use any of our current gensets as a starting point in order to create a completely custom model. Do you need more power, less power, a unique air-flow pattern or a lighter-weight chassis? The options are endless, and our goal is to accommodate your needs.

Thanks to our parent company, Stauffer Diesel, we are a leading distributor of Deutz and Mitsubishi diesel engines. This allows us to harness robust diesel power from a wide variety of engine sizes, and configure custom diesel generators to an almost-unlimited range of specifications.

With an in-house manufacturing center, we can fabricate, weld and build customized solutions that will work with any available engine. We can test, refine and deliver completely custom products that are designed for your specific application. Simply contact us to learn more and discuss your needs.

We can configure custom diesel generators for many applications:

  • Propulsion for Diesel Mobile Units (DMUs) for railroad
  • Trailer-mounted radar units for defense industry
  • Mobile command units for police, fire, defense
  • Auxiliary power unit for Humvees
  • Mobile power for pipeline construction
  • Mobile power for NASA transportation vehicles
  • Mobile medical vehicles
  • And just about any application where robust, reliable diesel power is needed

Contact us today to learn more about our custom diesel generator design capabilities. We look forward to hearing from you and determining how our team can help.