Diesel-Powered Experience Since 1948

Understanding the history of Stadco would be impossible without considering the history of our parent company, Stauffer Diesel. Started in 1948 by Amos Stauffer to serve the needs of Lancaster, PA dairy farmers, Stauffer Diesel has grown into a leading distributor of diesel engines.

In 1962, the company expanded by building its first diesel-powered generator. As generator sales grew, Stadco found success manufacturing a wide range of diesel-powered generators for a number of unique applications. Explore important milestones in our history below, and contact us today if we can be of service.


2020 – Acquired FPT Industrial engine distribution rights to the states of PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, KY, OH, IN, MI, and IL. In addition, acquired marine engine distribution in the Great Lakes region

– Acquired Deutz engine distribution territory expansion (Added 7 counties in Northeastern PA)

2019 – Earned Deutz KPI Performance rating of Platinum No. 1 in North America

2018 – Earned Deutz Performance rating of Platinum (Top)

– Acquired expanded Deutz engine distribution territory, including New York and New England states

2017 – Earned Deutz Performance rating of Gold (new rating system)

2016 – Commissioned Epicor-E10 ERP software platform, including a manufacturing-centric architecture

– Relocated Western PA service branch operations into newly acquired 8700 SF facility

2015 – Built 119 Stadco gensets, including 44 Rail Propulsion Gensets

– Formed ABS Holdings, LLC and purchased an 8700 SF service facility in New Stanton, PA

– Constructed 8000 SF warehouse, Building “C”

2014 – Earned Deutz KPI performance rating: 6 of 20

2013 – Earned Deutz KPI Performance rating: 1 of 19 in North America

2012 – Sold over 600 DEUTZ diesel engines.

– Built 164 Stadco gensets, including 35 Rail Propulsion Gensets

2011 – Sold over 500 DEUTZ diesel engines

2010 – Recognized as #1 (Top Performing) DEUTZ distributorship in North America.

2007 – Sold over 600 DEUTZ diesel engines

2006 – Built dedicated Stadco™ generator manufacturing facility

2005 – Created first Stadco™ RPG type generators for road switcher locomotives

1996 – Divested Lister-Petter engine franchise

1995 – Created first Stadco™ mobile generators for emergency vehicles

1992 – Acquired Lister-Petter engine franchise for Western PA

1989 – Developed Railgen™ fully-enclosed generators for passenger rail cars

– Built first Stadco™ series produced rail duty generators

1988 – Divested of DEUTZ tractor dealership

1986 – Leased building for Pittsburgh Branch

1985 – Moved from New Holland to new facilities in Ephrata, PA

– Expanded DEUTZ engine franchise into Western PA

1983 – Built rail generators for Fruit Growers Express

1977-1988 – Earned several top honors in NTPA national tractor pulling championships

– Equipped the employee-built competitive DEUTZ diesel tractors with 3-stage turbochargers

1977-1988 – Earned several top honors in NTPA national tractor pulling championships

– Equipped the employee-built competitive DEUTZ diesel tractors with 3-stage turbochargers

1969 – Moved facilities from Gordonville to New Holland, PA

Changed name to Stauffer Diesel, Inc.

1968 – Built Stauffer S520 diesel-powered vehicles for underground mining

– Acquired dealership for DEUTZ tractors

1963 – Incorporated proprietorship into Stauffer Diesel Refrigeration, Inc.

1962 – Designed and built DEUTZ diesel-powered generator sets

– Introduced automated diesel-powered bulk milk cooler systems

1956 – Acquired DEUTZ diesel engine distributorship for Eastern PA

1955 – Sold first new DEUTZ (F1L-612) diesel engine

1953 – Began manufacture of diesel driven Sta-Colt™ milk coolers and freezers

1951 – Sold first new Witte diesel engine

1950 – Sold first new Fairbanks-Morse diesel engine

1948 – Amos B. Stauffer, Proprietor, began a used diesel engine business and introduced the first diesel-powered Amish dairy system