Warranty Terms & Processes

At Stadco, we stand behind our diesel generators with an industry-leading warranty. However, we also understand that under heavy usage in extreme locations an occasional repair may be necessary. That’s why in addition to a complete product warranty, we also offer a complete inventory of parts as well as experienced technicians who can repair your genset.

Specific warranties on your genset parts and engine parts can be obtained by contacting us, and current warranty statements are listed below. Please contact us directly if you have questions.

To obtain warranty service, contact the Deutz or Mitsubishi engine distributor in your area. The distributor will refer you to the certified Deutz or Mitsubishi engine dealer who can provide warranty analysis and repairs for your engine. Remember to have your proof of ownership, including the date the engine was purchased.

Engines or parts will be evaluated to determine whether or not the item is still under warranty or if claim is eligible for warranty compensation. Once a determination has been made you will be notified of the outcome. When returning parts for a warranty please remember to obtain a Return Material Authorization number before sending the parts in question to our attention.

Although nobody likes to see their product in need of repair, we try to make the warranty, service and repair process as easy and seamless as possible. Best of all, we constantly strive to stand behind all our generators and work actively to help solve any issues that may arise.