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Stadco Railgen Generator

Railgen™ Railcar Generators -
Power car performance in underslung units.

Stadco® Railgen™ gensets are designed for the passenger railcar industry. Railgens are mounted under the railcar in a low-profile, silencing enclosure. Control Systems are available to operate the genset from inside the car. They provide continuous, prime or auxiliary power up to 175kW. Both the Mark 5 and the "HR" lines of Railgens are ready-to-install packages designed for reliability and ease of operation and maintenance.

Stadco Railgen Generator

  The Railgen™ Series Generator Features:

  • Single-source, ready-to-install package.
  • Easily accessible service points. All routine service points are within reach of the service access doors.
  • Full silencing enclosure with vibration isolation and crash stops.
  • 1800 RPM Deutz Diesel engines for quiet long-lasting performance.
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Quality. Expect normal service life of about 15,000 hours before engine overhaul.
  • Cooling air filtering for extended service life.
  • Comprehensive factory support backs each Railgen™.

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